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The Predictable Success Method™

In this 90 minute workshop, you will learn:

  • The top 3 reasons businesses fail (and how you can win big)
  • How to build a world-class team
  • Strategies for creating mega revenue
  • How to create Success Systems for 7-figures

For Sale or Go Public – What Should I Do?

In this 90 minute workshop, you will learn:

  • What you must do BEFORE putting up a “For Sale” sign
  • How to know if going public, getting investors or selling your business is the right strategy for you
  • Winning strategies for fast sales
  • How to get the highest return for all your hard work

Growth Management for Everyday Entrepreneurs

In this 60 minute workshop, you will learn:

  • How to hire and fire for maximum success
  • How to attract a highly motivated team (and keep them ultra-focused!)
  • How to pay, incentivize and bonus employees
  • How to create synergy among your team and keep them excited about company goals

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