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One Success After Another

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Read about others who have been touched by Susie and the Motivating the Masses Team

“Susie taught us how to work smarter not harder. I am so lucky to have had the privilege of having Susie Carder as a business coach. Her coaching is the best thing I have purchased in my life. The help was above and beyond. Metaphorically speaking, Susie was the key to my business’ lock.”

—Bella Shamoradian, Master hair designer, lead educator and author of Bella’s Secret

“Thank you for helping me fall in love & trusting myself all over again!”

—Brandi, Atlanta GA

“Unflipping believable great! I was moved and inspired to my core by Lisa & Susie presentation, content and example of leadership.”

—Jacqueline, Alberta CA

“Lisa & Susie – Generosity and the other presenters OFF THE CHART!”

—Katherine, Provo UT

“The amount of value that MTM creates in ALL her programs and the extent that she serves is like no others!”

—Jennesse, Toronto ON

“This conference gave me a realistic outlook on the expectations I should have when starting a new training and speaking business.”

—Alisa Perry

“A full team that plays heart-full out!”

—Carlene Brown

“I am hopeful, excited and willing. I left re-changed, focused and ready to take action.”

—Sundara Delphini

“The event surpassed my expectations!”

—Carol Davidson, Carol Davidson Group, LLC

“Speak and Write provides the road that supports you on the travels to your Greatness! If you haven’t stepped into it, Lisa, Susie, Melissa, Allyson, et al will shine the light on your excellence!”

—Roya Nassiri-Rahimi

“This experience has transformed the trajectory of my business and my life!”

—Anne Palmer

“I imagined that I wanted to create my new speaking/writing career, and this weekend challenged me to the point where I actually stepped up and did it! Invaluable.”

—Janet D. Thomas

“The nuggets you didn’t know you needed come from start to finish and every connection you make.”

—Tiva Rose Allan

“If you have a business you need to attend this seminar/workshop with these two Awesome ladies and their team.”

—Stephania Motton

“To be with Lisa and all her team is to take in their love, their style, their strength. Thank you. Your discipline is extraordinary. Your systems work.”

—Carolyn Campora

“All I can say is my life felt like I was a dying woman until I met and interacted with you both! After the time with you at Powerhouse… I feel I was given a life transfusion… I feel alive again.. I have hope and I know I can do more than just go thru the motions but LIVE my best life and unleash my real CHAMPION…


— Monalisa Johnson,CEO & Executive Producer

“Susie gives me the courage to move forward to the next level more than ever before!”

—Katherine, Eden UT

“The information that was shared was worth $100,000 the first 2 hours! Anyone that wants a life they love must attend if they plan on being successful!”

—Marilyn, West Jordan UT

“Life changing to the umpteenth level! Highly recommend to anyone wanting to speak or write!”

—Mark Ress, Blitz Media Marketing

“Lisa and Susie are role models who walk the walk and talk the talk.”

—Dody Furst, Furst Peresonal Coaching

“I now have a voice. I’m coming out to be bold. Thank you!”

—Linda Turner

“Motivating the Masses is worth more than any amount of money that was paid. Lisa not only added value to my business, she added value to my life!”

—Salena Alston

“Speak and Write is a must for any entrepreneur who wants to take his/her business to the next level!”

—Elaine B. Greaves

“Never in my life have I attended a business training event where I felt so greatly served from the heart. Thank you!”

—Frantonia Pollines

“The entire experience was the confirmation need in order for me to acknowledge my purpose for my passion. I am now prepared to birth my vision and walk in my destiny. A true gift from God…in the spirit of excellence.”

—Angelique M. Cope

“This experience is unparalleled! It is content rich, service rich, and full of love and integrity. A perfect model for a world that can thrive on unleashed human potential.”

—Antonio Le Mons, Do You Living, Inc.

“This course approached writing and speaking from a Holistic approach. That alone sets me a part to follow a roadmap map to success in every area of my life.”

—Melissa Robinson

“Transparency was so authentic it transformed my feeling like I was at a conference to being in a community. I am re-checking my book-in-progress for transparency.”

—Charlotte Ferrell

“Thank you for transforming my life and the lives I will touch!”

—Martise Moore

“I now know how to be a Millionaire. It’s that simple.”

—Brit Manor

“This event touched my heart and soul, a life changing memorable experience!”

—Iris, Los Angeles CA

“Heartfelt, inspiring to action, powerful, empowering, strengthening.”

—Jill Tupper

“I came here knowing I have a message to share Lisa and Susie have so generously shared not only the mechanics of “making it happen” but the way to making sure I am giving people a message worth their time!”

—Tara, West Jordan UT

“This weekend has been monumental for me! Everything I came to find, learn and receive I got and a thousand times more! The most important things that I didn’t even know that I needed and got were amazing! My heart and soul are set on fire!”

—Tara, West Jordan UT

“The openness and transparency of your organization are amazing. Your content and offerings are stellar and so generous! Thank you!”

—Del Leon

“Life changing for real!”

—Tyrone Williams

“I am in awe, not only from the amazing learning, but from the feeling of community built during the conference.”

—MJ Schwader

“I came half way around the world to be at Speak and Write and it was worth every single mile!”

—Ursula Elisara

“This event gave more valuable content than I expected!”

—David Patterson

“Lisa and Susie are my Superheroes! They are the real Dynamic Duo!”

—Danielle Pollard

“A transformational explosion that will leave you feeling ambushed by motivation and held captive by opportunity!”

—Lonnie Pollard

“Lisa and Susie are Phenomenal! I’m just sorry it took me so long to get to Speak and Write to Make Millions!”

—Omiyale Jube

“I am humbled by the giving from Lisa and Susie – I am Full!”

—Lisa Arreguin

“What ever can go right will go right if you’re heart is right. It was right…”

—Van Jewell Kantor

“This program is much more than a training on how to Speak and Write, it’s hard-core business training. Lisa Nichols’ style = fun!”

—Stahsha Stanowicz