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Assess Your Company’s Health in 10 Mission-Critical Areas and Spot Breakdowns Before They Happen. Get Susie Carder’s 10-Point Business Planning Assessment and Companion Video Training. (Plus, it’s FREE.)

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I am Susie Carder & I am a profit coach.

I am not your average business coach. I have helped thousands of businesses achieve exponential growth, create radical business strategies, and blast from ordinary to explosive!

And when you hire me, being average or running an average business instantly drops from your list of options. I am relentless in pursuing your goals, I come with a proven, twenty-year track record that includes building two, $10 million companies, and selling my business for millions! My passion is creating a business that allows you to live your dreams and achieve financial abundance!


i’m ready to make millions
i’m ready to PURSUE MY DREAMS
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Power Your Profits

In Power Your Profits, Carder teaches strategic growth and systems strategies that have enabled her to take entrepreneurs and small business owners from $10,000 to $10 Million in revenue.

Susie was at rock bottom financially during the Great Recession of 2008 when she was inspired to dig in and rebuild her fortune from the ground up. Today, she takes what she learned during that difficult time and shares her radical business strategies that have helped countless entrepreneurs and small business owners increase their revenues by more than 3,000%.

Watch as Lisa Nichols shares why this is THE book to buy this year!

What Susie’s clients are saying…

“Susie Carder is the Real Deal, she knows Business. I had the Honor and Privilege to be Coached by Susie in Business Academy 2016 Class and the tools & strategies that we received (my husband & I) was golden for our Company. We are forever Thankful!”

Erica Darlene Sampson

“Susie is an amazing coach, speaker and person! She will help you get things done and will move mountains out of the way to help make it happen. She truly cares and comes from a place of love in all that she does. I always want Susie in my corner! Thank you Susie for being who you are and helping others like you do! You have helped me move mountains and I am so much further ahead because of you!”

Kim Cerrato

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Susie Carder! She helped me identify my true passion and talents and gave me the confidence and the path to make it happen! My life is unrecognizable and I’m so grateful to her!”

Catherine Settineri McNulty

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Your Mind Chatter is Getting in the Way of Your Success

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What Do Top Producers Do To Be Super Successful?

What Do Top Producers Do To Be Super Successful?

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Managing The Customer Experience

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10-point business planning assessment

Discover where to focus FIRST to generate greater revenue, profits, and growth in your business. Assess your company’s health in 10 mission-critical areas and spot breakdowns before they happen. Get Susie Carder’s Assessment and Companion Video Training. (Plus, it’s FREE.)