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The Proven 3-Step Formula Entrepreneurs Use To Uncover Their Wealth-Generating Opportunities to Scale Their Life’s Work Online

For experts, coaches, consultants, authors, Speakers and Business Owners

Stop feeling stuck and get my best strategies I’m about to share with you that I’ve used in my business over the past 20 years to grow 2 businesses to $10M each.

You’ll walk away knowing how to go from Bootstrap to BIG Money and believe with all your heart that Wealth is your Birthright, regardless of where you are today, and even if your business is still struggling to regularly generate profits for you. 

Are you ready to own your birthright and create your dream business?

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

✔️ Which business model will help you grow from $250k to $10M as easily as possible…and brings you unlimited wealth. 

✔️ How my clients increased their revenues by more than 3,000% and built the online business of their dreams.   

✔️ The 6 high-income producing activities that you MUST practice daily to become an 8-figure business.

✔️ The easiest way to really understand the key financial metrics in your business (and master them in your favor)

Most importantly, you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge you need to finally scale your life’s work online – the one you’ve been dreaming about for years or even decades.   

I’m also going to share some incredible stories of overcoming challenges and achieving success.

The time to take your business From $10k to $10M is now…and your financial abundance could be only a Hop, skip, and a jump away!  


This Masterclass is a Must-Attend if…

✅ You’re an expert, coach, consultant, author, Speakers or Business Owner looking to make the kind of money that would allow you to feel safesecure in your future without burning out and a lifestyle that you and your family can’t stop smiling about!

✅ You want to explode your sales and build a 7 or 8 figure business that gives you the lifestyle & financial freedom you deserve.

✅ You want key systems that allow you to get sales in faster from the right clients and run your business with far greater ease.  (Bye, Bye worry and anxiety!)

✅ You want to run a business that energizes you and gets you jumping out of bed with excitement every day and impact way more lives than you could have ever imagined!

A Personal Invitation from Susie Carder….

My mission is to help clients develop the strategy, motivation and accountability required to succeed in their business and personal lives.

My radical business strategies have helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve exponential growth and triple their profits. 

I am relentless in pursuing your goals, I come with a proven, twenty-year track record that includes building two, $10 million companies, and selling my business for millions! My passion is creating a business that allows you to live your dreams and achieve financial abundance.

I have worked with top leaders in the world of business, including John Assaraf, Lisa Nichols, Steve Harvey, Zenovia Andrews, Keri Murphy, Doug Carter, Redken, Paul Mitchell, Thompson Learning, Dell, and many more.

Since 1995, I’ve helped my clients generate over A BILLION DOLLARS in revenue.

I’d love to take that number even higher by supporting YOU.


And by attending this masterclass, you’ll take the first step toward becoming yet another one of my success stories.  

With gratitude,


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