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Ready to Create Predictable Profits In Your Business - Starting NOW?



These 5 Steps Will Take You There!

This interview series was originally titled, “5 Things Entrepreneurs Overlook In Their Business Planning”. But after recording it, I didn’t feel it captured the true power of the 5 steps.

So don’t let the title cards on each of the videos fool you.

If you understand these steps and implement them in your business, you will be well on your way to creating predictable profits!

Your Profit Coach,

Create a Solid Business Plan

There are 2 types of business plans; a Working Business Plan and a Structured Business Plan. A Working Business Plan allows you to grow your business, find your ideal clients, help you forecast your business, and more. A Structured Business Plan is more detailed and is what you put out there into the world for things like finding investors.

Understand your pricing

Other people’s pricing has nothing to do with your pricing. Yes, you need to consider what the market will bear, but more importantly, it has to do with your overhead and your infrastructure. Use tools like a base price worksheet to know what your baseline and starting point is.

Create quality leads

Not just ‘leads’. If you get a ton of leads in your database, but none of them can afford you, then you’re just wasting time. Qualified leads are the people who reflect your ideal client avatar and will be ready to jump on board.

Sales Plan vs Cash Flow

Remember, cash is king. What are your monthly, quarterly, and annual goals? Sales don’t necessarily equal cash. Look at your overall business and your sales plan and be realistic about how much cash you actually have.


What is the highest income-producing activity you can do right now? DO you have too many products you’re launching at once? Exhaust your best first, then look at what’s next. Remember, a low ticket price doesn’t always mean sales. Don’t sell yourself short.