Join me in this five-part series as we dig into the five things entrepreneurs overlook when starting their business. My goal is to coach you in a way that you can avoid the pitfalls and struggles I have been through. Katja Kempe, from Viveka World, and I got together to bring you this value-packed interview.

Part five is about the importance of how to launch your products. There is such a thing as too many options! Invest the next couple minutes into your business and watch this video below.

This is the final episode in this JUICY 5 part series!! If you missed last week you can watch it here: Part Four: Sales Plan vs. Cash Flow

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I look forward to supporting you in your journey as an entrepreneur!!

I’d love to hear what value you got out of this video, leave a comment below about any tips or A-Ha Moments you had about your cash flow.

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