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Susie “The Millionaire Maker” Carder Presents:

Explode your profits. Design streamlined systems.

Expand your business.

Crack the code to Transform Your Dream Into Reality.

*This 12-month experience starts soon

Susie “The Millionaire Maker” Carder Presents:

Explode your profits. Design streamlined systems.

Expand your business.

Crack the code to Transform Your Dream Into Reality.

*This 12-month experience starts soon
“The doors have been opened, the limitations have been removed, and the world is my oyster. I am so excited for what’s to come! I love GLP!”
Constance Carter

“If you are ready to go to the next level as a speaker, entrepreneur, or coach, this is the place you need to be.” 
Marion Brooks

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Dear coach, consultant, author, speaker,

I know you started your business because you had a BIG, beautiful dream.

You dreamed of making great money doing the work you love on your own schedule and on your own terms.
You dreamed of creating books, products, programs, and talks that changed lives, with a passionate team to help you make it all happen.
You dreamed of getting your message out to thousands of raving fans online via social media, your email list and your favorite platforms.
You dreamed of total financial freedom, and making the income that would offer you and your family the lives you deserve.

Then — reality hit.

Sure, you love your work… but “making your own hours” has turned into “working 6-7 days a week”.

You’ve created those books, offers and talks… but now you’ve hit an earnings plateau — and you’re too busy to stop and hire the dream team you need.

You’ve built a following, but it doesn’t feel like enough. You know you should be growing your list and becoming more visible, but you don’t know where to start.

As for “financial freedom”? Well, let’s say you’re not quite free, yet. You know you could be making more sales, but you’re not sure how.


I get it. I’ve been there. 

Most of my colleagues and clients have, too.

What matters now is what happens next.

You love your business.

You’re ready to get to your next level.

But the journey to get there feels totally overwhelming.

You feel like you’re stuck in a rut

— and stuck playing small —

because you’re constantly juggling a million things, and playing catch up…

While your competitors blow right by you.

Are you ready to do something about it?

Imagine what your business would look like if you had the hands-on support and guidance you needed to:

EXPLODE your profits, with support, templates, training, and hands-on feedback from me (Susie Carder) and a faculty of A-list entrepreneurs who’ve been exactly where you are — and made millions.
TURBOCHARGE your productivity with bi-weekly classes and expert guidance to powerfully grow + scale your business without burning out — alongside fellow entrepreneurs who think the way you do.
EXPAND the reach of your business and influence with help from experts to get your finances in order, grow your list, set up your back-end, build your systems and team and craft your suite of highly profitable products.
TRANSFORM the way you work and play with the financial know-how, back-end systems, connections and marketing skills you need to achieve more in one year than most people do in ten.

That’s exactly what I’m here to help you do. And that’s exactly what we’ve created for you inside:

Global Leadership Program

Led by myself and a faculty of master teachers,

GLP is a 12-month business-building experience.

The goal?

To give you the help you need, when you need it to master your approach to:

Sales, products, operations and finance.

While keeping you clear, accountable and taking action every step of the way.

Member Accomplishments

  • Board of Directors for the California Women’s Conference
  • Booked 19 Appointments at an Event with 25 in Attendance
  • Hired Back Office Staff
  • Media Marketing
  • Keller Williams Speaker
  • Featured on a Resource Site “Senior Advisors” – Reaching 6 Million
  • Huffington Post Coordinator
  • Online Product Launch
  • Radio Show
Kris Miller

  • Launched and Finished “Stage Fright to Stage Might” Speakers Program
  • 5% Growth after 40% More in Expenditures in 2014
  • Had a Coaching Success (4 Weeks with Close Corporate Friend)
  • Has a Coaching Syllabus
  • First Tax Planning Meeting
  • Learning how to Say “NO”
  • Staff Meeting Protocol
  • Work & Life Balance
Sekou Andrews

  • Invited to be on Fox 28 Regularly
  • Finished 2nd Book
  • Releasing 5 Coaching Programs
  • Launched Max Lab Business Trainings
  • 78% Closing Ratio
  • 76% Upselling Ratio
  • National Speaking Engagements
  • Year-long Sponsorship with Wells Fargo
  • Over 180% Business Growth
  • Balancing a full-time Ministry while Owning 2 Major Corporations – Rubicon & Max Out
  • Database Growth – 110 People to over 5K in 6 Months
Zenovia Andrews

GLP has already helped 150+ high-performing business owners…


Write 68 bestselling books

Develop 89+ highly profitable products
Generate over $2.4 million in new revenue

… And so much more

Now it’s YOUR Turn!





Since 1995, I’ve helped my clients generate over A BILLION DOLLARS in revenue.

I’d love to take that number even higher by supporting YOU.






Since 1995, I’ve helped my clients generate over A BILLION DOLLARS in revenue.

I’d love to take that number even higher by supporting YOU.


There’s never been a better time to join GLP.

After 24 years in the business and 7 years running this program, we’re now giving you MORE content, MORE hands-on expert support and MORE accountability & implementation — at a lower investment than ever before.

In 2020, we’re offering you:

Streamlined content delivered in 6 month chunks that even the busiest business owner can handle.
Access to the bustling GLP community, where you’ll connect with ambitious business owners just like you.
Bi-weekly LIVE Q&A video calls, where you’ll ask Susie & guest experts your biggest, burning questions.
Lifetime access to all video training modules, templates, scripts and swipe files.
40% new, innovative classes on everything from copy to back-end systems to financial strategy.
REAL results in REAL time during strategic implementation periods, where you’ll apply what you learn and get faculty feedback.
An A-list faculty of guest expert instructors who are masters of sales, systems, marketing strategy and more.
Bi-weekly video classes & Business Development Tasks in between, so you’re making trackable progress every month.

Sound like GLP is somewhere you & your business need to be?

The end of year is Wrapping Up Soon …But Don’t Worry!  

You can still take advantage and sign up for your year-long program and you won’t be behind on a thing!

GLP is a $240,000 value…

(Get the full value breakdown at the bottom of this page)

You can apply to enroll now!

(Payment plans available)

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*When you join me inside GLP you are committing to the full 12 month program for a total investment of $30,000 or $25,000 when you pay in full.

Member Accomplishments

Here are just a few amazing things our GLP members have done:

Melissa Evans made $123,000 in 3 months

Leslie made $50k at a single event, and increased net revenue by 340%

Vasavi Kumar created 7 new training programs, and reached 6 figures in 14 months

Alyse McConnell increased her income by 126%, and web traffic 800%

But how does the program work exactly?


GLP is a 1 year program  because world-changing success isn’t something that can be achieved in 30, 60, or 90 days. Business is a long game, and we’re here to guide you through every step of the journey.

You get lifetime access to all materials, from our video classes and worksheets to templates, scripts and spreadsheets. You’ll have every resource you need at your fingertips to avoid pitfalls and feel completely supported as you level up.
Our community is second to none. This tight-knit group of purpose-driven entrepreneurs can’t wait to connect with you, cheer you on and challenge you when you need it.
Open Q&A sessions are available to you each month with myself and your GLP expert faculty, so you can ensure you never feel alone and can get exactly the help you need when you need it.
This program is driven by Business Development Results (BDR) to help you track your progress, and clearly measure your business productivity.

Take a look at what’s inside the Global Leadership Program Curriculum

Month-to-Month Breakdown


Develop a game plan for your big dream by mapping out your vision, sales, marketing, operations and financial goals. (+2 Mastermind Calls)



Design, outline, & build your suite of products tailored to your perfect customers, including books, programs, webinars and more. (+2 Mastermind Calls)



Master the art of storytelling to rev up your traffic, brand recognition, social media engagement, media buzz and beyond.  (+2 Mastermind Calls)



Learn the ins and outs of forecasting, pricing your services, using our “cash calculator” and working with bookkeepers.  (+2 Mastermind Calls)



Get the 7 Keys to Growth and KPI’s, along with the nitty-gritty on contracts, recruiting and more.  (+2 Mastermind Calls)



Now you know what to do – learn how to get it all done (while maintaining a powerful self-care routine). (+2 Mastermind Calls)



Define your ideal customer, high-level strategy, freebie and ad tactics — then, hit the ground running. (+2 Mastermind Calls)



Sales strategy time! Discover how to write your very own high-converting landing pages and campaigns. (+2 Mastermind Calls)



Explore the keys to running a profitable webinar, launching your product and how to track and tweak along the way. (+2 Mastermind Calls)



Craft high-end, seamless systems & processes your clients will love (and pay high-ticket prices for).  (+2 Mastermind Calls)



This is where we bring it all together, to turn everything you’ve mapped out into highly profitable, streamlined reality.  (+2 Mastermind Calls)



You did it! In this final month, we’ll review your accomplishments and celebrate everything you’ve achieved inside GLP.  (+2 Mastermind Calls)


PLUS, you get instant access to our game-changing Bonus Library, including:

Keri Murphy’s Inspired Living Academy

(Value $997)

Sales Training with Natalie Klun

(Value $497)

Access to Susie Carder’s Bootstrap to Big Money Program

(Value $997)

Brand & Web Audit with
Kristie Keever

(Value $497)


Picture yourself at the end of YOUR year.

Over the last 12 months, you have…

Designed watertight sales strategies around everything you offer, so you smash your revenue goals month after month.
Written + carried out a business plan that matches the direction you really want to go in.
Plugged costly leaks inside the foundation of your business that you didn’t even know were there.
Boosted your database and list growth massively — and your new community L-O-V-E-S you to bits.
Hired your dream team, a squad of A-list pros who know what they’re doing, when and why.
Become a visible leader and influencer in your field, with raving fans clamoring for your books, talks and everything you offer.
Built strong back-end systems and opps that support your business and your work/life balance.
Learned how to map out every goal and process in your business, so you stay accountable and on track.
Mastered the art of storytelling to become a powerful copywriter and marketer.
Identified your weaknesses and learned to outsource with confidence.
Fixed your financial issues and a total understanding of the ins-and-outs of your cash flow.
Cracked the code for your unique business, so you can continue to scale up successfully on YOUR terms.

… How would that feel?

Like your dream is finally coming to life?

Like you’ve finally got a grip on your business?

That your vision for what you want next is here?

Like you can do anything?

It can happen for you.
But only if you’re serious and accountable to the kind of growth you and your business deserve.

So if you are — let’s begin.

Grab your spot before it’s gone.

Click below to begin your application.

A letter from Global Leadership Program creator Susie Carder:

Dear incredible entrepreneur,

Before I say another word, you should know: I’m like a bulldog on a sock for your greatness.

Meaning: When you work with me I’ll do everything in my power to not only help you reach your goals, but surpass them, and hit the level of success you’ve only dared to dream about.

Look: I know you’re probably not new to this business and personal development world.

You may have invested in coaching before. And maybe some of it worked — and some of it didn’t.

But now you know you need something more. You need a long-term support system and community that won’t just help you make more money, but design a business that supports the life you really want.

… And that’s easier said than done.


Like every other business, you face these kinds of daunting questions everyday:
“When do I start building or expanding my team? How should I start?”
“How much should I be charging to make the kind of money I need every month? Do I need to hire a financial coach?”
“I know I need systems, but the ones I have kinda suck. Should I start over?”
“Should I be selling more 1-1 or focusing on designing evergreen products? What about selling at the back of the room when I give talks?”

That’s what’s unique about the Global Leadership Program, you don’t just get the answers… you get all the support you need to take action.


I’ve also included multiple masterminds and Q&A calls throughout the months with myself and your faculty members, so you can have instantaneous breakthroughs around your obstacles — instead of spending years trying to fix them yourself…

… So you can fire yourself from the stuff you don’t like (like writing your copy, jerry-rigging your systems, or handling your bookkeeping) and focus on the stuff you’re great at.

… And get your financial life in order (including your mindset and beliefs around money) as you set and smash your sales goals.

… And set up systems that you AND your clients, team and customers adore.

… And create and market a suite of profitable, life-changing products and offerings you’re proud of that your people absolutely love.


We’ve spent 7 years perfecting this exact system inside GLP that will EXPLODE your growth. Now all you have to do is choose.

GLP is 12 months long because success is a long game.

But if you step forward, and say yes to the support you need…

I promise you won’t believe just how far you can go.

Hope to see you there,


The only question left is…

Are you ready to take back control of your business and start intentionally creating the success, systems and sizzlin’ visibility you deserve?

We’re waiting for you.

Click below to apply, and join us inside Global Leadership Program before we fill up.

Value & Investment